Our Beautiful world is changing fast  

and not always in a good way.  

The main cause of global warming 

is burning fossil fuels. CO2 levels  

are increasing instead of decreasing.

“We are the

cause and so

we can make

the difference” 


More than 1 billion cars are polluting
day after day. One out of ten people
owns a car and that rate is growing fast.
We all know fuel cars are from the past.
Now we have electric cars that needs
plugging in all the time

“But the plugs 

are still connected 

with the old 

energy system 


The E4free community is taking
the next step in mobility.
A giant leap forward.
A car that charges while driving.
A car that will bring you to work,
sports school and to the shop,
without plugging in to the grid.

“This car is energy
This is the solar car.